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Seeking healing after abortion?  We can help.

Women who has gone through an abortion may experience thoughts and emotions that are difficult to process. Pathways Pregnancy Clinic offers a free recovery ministry called She’s Restored. After an abortion,  some  women  may  experience initial relief of a momentary crisis. The perceived crisis is gone and life is able to return to normal. For many women, however, the crisis is not over. Months, and even years later, significant problems can develop.

If your life has been impacted by abortion, our She’s Restored coordinators understand how you feel. They too have experienced abortion, and would love the opportunity to guide you through this process of healing and restoration.

Take the first step to healing and contact us by phone or email to find out more.

"Through She's Restored, I was finally able to release my guilt and forgive myself for my abortion. It was an awesome process to go through with other women who had similar experiences and be able to share our feelings, and tears, in a loving environment with no judgement."

What is She's Restored?

She's Restored Program