If you are a new mom, or and expectant mom, we would love to have you join the B.A.M. family. We meet on Fridays at 10:00 am in the Pathways Pregnancy Clinic  Boutique. Little ones are always welcome and snacks are provided.

“The camaraderie you develop in group can help get you through your week when you are struggling and gives you somewhere to share your accomplishments.  It provides a support system of other moms who can understand and relate to whatever life may be throwing at you." - A Pathways Client

Pathways offers support during pregnancy and beyond, which is why we have created our new Baby And Me support group. This group provides a place where we can help encourage, educate and support new moms. B.A.M. (Baby And Me) is a great way for new moms to share their struggles, joys and experiences of being a new mom.  B.A.M. is a great way to find support and encouragement, gain new parenting tips, and connect with other local moms.

Baby And Me Group